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Domain name consulting
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Domain name registration

Web hosting (by our
  CanadaGardenWeb branch)

SSL certificates

DNS servers (coming soon!)

Internet/VoIP telephony
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Telephone number acquisition
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“Ye olde-fashioned Maritymes”
Service and Value

In today’s world of automation and mass production, we are a different kind of company. We believe in good old-fashioned service and value, as reflected in our branding “Ye olde-fashioned Maritymes”.

At the moment, we do all consulting and finalization of solutions by good old-fashioned telephone (at our long-distance expense, not yours). Have you ever hated tedious e-mails or text chats back-and-forth to determine and finalize your solutions? We can often accomplish the same thing, or better, with one or two highly interactive telephone conversations. Love the phone! Hey, that’s why we offer Internet/VoIP telephony too!

We will happily serve English-speaking customers anywhere, but we are distinctly Canadian. For our fellow Canadians, we have all-Canadian solutions, like Web hosting, data storage, and data transmission that stays entirely in Canada.

And in today’s race to embrace a whole flurry of new TLD’s (top-level domains), we believe in the long-term value and recognition of good old .com, .net, .org, and a few of the best country code TLD’s like .ca and .uk.

We are dedicated to you, our valued customers.

Sincerely, Hartmut W Sager
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